About Us

Octa Exchange company is engaged in the implementation of blockchain technologies in the development, consumption, control and management of renewable energy sources. For the formation of a global energy self-regulating ecosystem that allows at any time to ensure the rational distribution of clean energy resources.

An important aspect of our business is the use of currently unclaimed energy for mining. Octa Exchange also invests in private equity and other investment programs related to the use of blockchain technologies in the energy sector that help preserve the environment.

We see our values. Our mission is letting our clients enter a better life and financial freedom. We are building some global energy system this. We cooperate with private companies. Investment programs used blockchain technology. It helps preserve the environment.

Our core values are ethics, responsibility all our partners. We take care everyone offers to join us. Let our clients enter a better life.

How we generate profit to distribute to our investors

Your digital assets are invested in three ways by us to let you enjoy a guaranteed return on your precious investments.

How we Generate Profit:

Offering Loans

Octa Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange built by traders, for traders. FTX offers innovative products including industry-first derivatives, options, volatility products and leveraged tokens. We strive to develop a platform robust enough for professional trading firms and intuitive enough for first-time users.

Trading on Various Crypto Exchanges

Our highly experienced executives do trading guided by reports generated through AI-based advanced analytic & charting tools, to offer increased returns to you.

Mining Crypto-Currencies

Investing big to generate an extensive cloud-mining network for mining various cryptocurrencies while following a non-stop mining procedure, as well as precision.

Offering Loans

We work as a mediator or bridge to connect day-by-day increasing borrowers and lenders placing loans. We focus on offering lenders of a flawless interface and easy-to-perform navigation so that they may get hassle-free loans, while keeping their digital assets as collaterals.

We ensure creating a profit-making crowdfunding system by balancing economic forces in our favor. We can do the same by limiting principal loan withdrawals by 34% after day #22 and through the automated partners’ returns’ distribution based on described loan dates.

Profitable returns on your loans

Proposing the highest-possible sustainability for returns based on the current climate of the loan market.

Generate income automatically.

You can earn a regular passive revenue of 3% without paying any hidden charges or investing extra time with us.

Low-entry fund-related needs

$10 is the minimum required amount to start an investment. It needs only 3 minutes to register an account.

Trading on Various Crypto Exchanges

To let you gain the highest possible returns on your investments, we offer all-automated AI tools while incorporating a pro team of personnel to turn the odds into evens. Our professionals deal in Bitcoins using a part of your investment, while following effective crypto-currencies’ trading practices over various markets and exchange platforms. We offer diversified investment options to our traders, enabling them to earn a significant income consistently. Our AI-based system works in a manner to offer consistent small profits introducing minimum or no risk to an investor.

Earning Profits Through Referrals

We prioritize having satisfied and happy clients, no matter what market circumstances we face while letting our clients trade and earn. That is the reason why we hold a network of affiliates suggested through our existing happy clients. We feel content when our clients recommend our tools and services to other traders, due to which we offer them the best of online affiliate programs to let them earn as they help us grow our network of traders. We offer higher commission rates, elevated tools, periodic pay-outs, and real-time reports to all the clients who become a part of our affiliate program.

We intend to create a network of traders where all can earn rewards by making investments and referrals. To be a part of this program, clients need to suggest their fellow traders, friends, and other known persons about our company. If clients’ referrals are converted, we offer them significant commissions enabling them to grow more as our network grows.

Mining Crypto-Currencies

Cloud Mining is the act of Cryptocurrency mining using a cloud data center with shared computing power. This kind of cloud mining allows users to mine alternative currencies or bitcoins without even managing their hardware. This cloud method is very similar to what is called "Grid Mining" in the offline world. These cloud methods are being used by our professionals worldwide, as the equipment and power are housed in a different location. The only difference is that the power is not directly available to the user, making it a more economical choice and making it more "cloud-friendly."

Although there hasn't been a massive amount of press made about what cloud-mining is, it has been steadily gaining popularity. Many businesses have been looking towards the future of "Cloud Computing," whereby they use large amounts of computer processing power to run various programs off a server.